Hi! I’m Asia – a Registered Dietician with a focus on Functional Nutrition and Biohacking for Women.

I spent the last 10 years, researching the ultimate wellness ‘formula’. My journey led me to understand how we can use food, herbs, and other wellness practices to really affect our genes and biology. 

My mission? To help women level up their healing journey, transforming their body and mind from the inside out.   

I created this online space to share all my knowledge with you, combining the most up-to-date science with a holistic, functional approach to nutrition and wellness. Through this platform, you’ll get access to my online private practice, shop my e-books, and dive into some free resources, including healthy recipes and wellness tips.

Let’s level up your healing journey!

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Healthy Kitchen

Your go-to library for menu inspiration filled with functional, healthy recipes. All the recipes will guide you through the benefits of the ingredients used and will provide you with tips on how to best incorporate them into your diet.

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