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Hi! I’m Asia – a Registered Dietician with a focus on holistic nutrition and functional wellness for women.

I’ve always wanted to understand the science behind the famous saying, “We Are What We Eat” and I based my 7-year-academic career at New York University and Boston University on clinical nutrition. But I also fell in love with this idea of functional nutrition and using food combinations, cooking methods and plants to truly reach our physical and mental well-being.

I currently work part-time in the acute care setting at Lenox Hill Hospital (Manhattan, New York) and I dedicate the other half of my time here helping women find the best version of themselves.

I created this online space to share all my knowledge with you, combining science with a holistic approach to nutrition. Through this platform, you’ll get access to my online private practice, shop my e-books, and navigate through some free material, including healthy recipes, functional menus and wellness tips.

Welcome to the beginning of your functional wellness journey!

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Healthy Kitchen

Your go-to library for menu inspiration filled with functional, healthy recipes. All the recipes will guide you through the benefits of the ingredients used and will provide you with tips on how to best incorporate them into your diet.

The Daily Menu

To nourish the body with the right fuel and the proper cooking methods.

Every week I’ll be posting entire functional, easy-to-make and balanced menus, from breakfast to dinner. Reaching your health goals has never been so tasty!


Here are some of the focuses:

Irregular period
Water retention
Detox post-antibiotic

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