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Welcome to my Online Nutrition Clinic for Women

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  • Are you struggling with poor digestion and slow metabolism? 
  • Are you trying to lose that extra weight without seeing any results?
  • Do you have an irregular menstrual cycle? Or suffer from PCOS/PMS? 
  • Are you trying to optimize your fertility? 
  • Are you trying to make that acne go away? Or trying to keep your skin healthy and glowing over time?  
  • Are allergies killing you? Or need a real detox plan? 
  • Do you feel bloated or tired all the time?
  • Do you need an immunity boost? 
  • Or are you simply looking for a safe place to level up your healing journey? 

Join my Functional Nutrition Clinic and receive online one-on-one counseling sessions tailored to your goals and needs. You’ll learn how to turn food, cooking methods, herbs, and mindful practices into medicine to achieve your true, permanent healing. 

MY METHOD: I integrate the most up-to-date science in the field of integrative medicine with the wisdom of herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. My approach centers on holistic healing, addressing the root cause from within and nurturing a positive mental state. 

My primary areas of expertise include: 



BS Nutritional Sciences from Boston University
MS Clinical Nutrition at New York University
1200-hour clinical training at Montefiore Medical Center


How it works:

  • Book your first session and fill out an Assessment Form
  • Sessions are conducted via Zoom and are 45 minutes long. However, the first session is 60 minutes long so we can start getting to know each other well and set your goals together  
  • After each session, you’ll receive your Meal Plan and Herbal Prescription
  • I might recommend some functional testing to better get to know your body and help you reach your health goals faster   
  • While I recommend having a session every month, you can choose your own pace and book your sessions when they best work for you!


First Session: $250 

Follow-Up Session: $165

*Add-On: Structured 21-Day Menu + $130

Buy a single session

Working on your health can feel overwhelming, but this session will help you make it simple. Be ready to get all the answers you’re looking for!

This service includes:

  • An online session with me (approx. 75 minutes)
  • The “The Fundamentals of Healthy Living” bundle for free
  • You will learn how to structure your meals in a functional way, at home and outside
  • Come with questions, you’ll get all the answers you are looking for
  • At the end of the session, you will receive your Food Prescription (list of foods to focus on) and your Herbal Prescription (plants and spices).

*Full meal plan EXCLUDED. Structured meal plans will be given to members only.

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