Eating out: my top tips to not screw up the diet

Eating out is an essential part of our every-day-life and must remain as such even if you’re trying hard to follow a healthy diet. We all know that going out is not often the healthiest option and I’m sure we are also all familiar with that feeling of heaviness, bloating, and sometimes guilt post-eating out.

Wanna avoid all of that? Here are my top tips for eating out without screwing up the diet.  

1. Ask for a green salad or some grilled vegetables as an appetizer. Starting your meal with some veggies will optimize blood glucose control and hunger levels. You will also feel satisfied faster, avoiding overeating.

2. Ask for the dressing on the side and use olive oil instead. Dressings often contain inflammatory oils (like sunflower oil) and added sugars.

3. Don’t fear the waiter and ask questions about how the dish is made. In some countries, they often cook with butter (and I’m not against butter if from grass-fed cows and organic, but I am against commercial butter)- ask without dairy.

4. Make sure to get enough protein throughout the day. If you know you will eat out and likely have no control over portions or food choices, I recommend having a protein shake right before going out.

5. Take with you digestive enzymes and activated charcoal. Especially if you are going to have refined carbs or dessert. Digestive enzymes will help you break down the bad stuff and activated charcoal will help you get rid of toxins.

6. Have a shot of ACV before going out (1-2 tbsp of ACV with little water). Apple cider vinegar helps with blood glucose control and optimizes digestion.

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