The benefits of drinking matcha

They say, “A cup of matcha a day keeps the doctor away.” And I support it!

 Matcha and other types of green tea owe their health benefits to the richness in polyphenols, substances that act as really potent antioxidants. Our body NEEDS a good antioxidant defense to protect cells from being damaged or killed by toxins, oxidative stress, and other forms of inflammation triggered by everyday stressors. Matcha tea and other high-quality types of green teas are here to help!

 Besides having an incredible anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action, green tea has been shown to improve carbohydrate metabolism, strengthen immunity and improve cognitive functions due to its content of quercetin, vitamin C and chlorophyll.

Matcha & Tea by Sorate

SORATE is a Japanese green tea company based in Brooklyn, New York helmed by founder and creative director Silvia Mella. In service of our commitment to balance, Sorate partners with not only doctors, nutritionists, and scientists, but also our specialty tea farmers to produce a high-quality green tea with a vital boost of Catechins, Flavonoids, Fluoride, Vitamin A, C and E. Green tea is considered to be “ Life’s elixir” as it contains more Catechins and potent antioxidants than any other plant source.

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