Healthy hair

A menu packed with all the minerals needed to support the health of your hair, including copper, magnesium and zinc. All the meals are also rich in healthy fats (monounsaturated fats and omegas), which are simply crucial to promoting healthy hair growth. The menu also provides a good amount of potent antioxidants to help prevent hair loss.  

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A menu to strengthen the immune system. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are packed with all the immunity vitamins (vitamin C, B12, D and B6) and all those nutrients able to stimulate our immunity, such as quercetin and potent antioxidants.

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Even if I’m not vegan, I sometimes like taking a one-day break from animal proteins to allow for a reset. However, one of the downsides of veganism is that is almost impossible to get all the nutrients that the body needs to work efficiently through food only. Indeed, a long-term vegan diet must be supplemented with additional vitamins and minerals.

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