My all-time fav and most effective online workout platforms

Here is a list of all my favorite and most efficient online workout platforms. 

  1. Range by Kara Duval  

All-time fav! A series of innovative Pilates workouts that will help you tone the body and heal the mind through unique movements. This platform includes weekly live classes.  

  1. Alo Moves

Here you’ll find any type of workout, from barre to pilates, yoga or hit. I am particularly obsessed with Bianca Melas and Emily Sferra’s workouts (intermediate/advanced level).

  1. ORRO App

A collection of carefully selected tutorials, from Pilates to barre and HIT.  The founders of Sweat & The City hand-picked every method, instructor and class to create a highly flexible platform that will help you keep moving daily without getting bored. (Use code ASIA)

  1. Pvolve 

One of the most interesting low-impact, high-intensity workouts. You’ll feel the burn, no doubt. The only downside is that you need specialized equipment. 

  1. Barre3 Online

Legs gonna be on fire! Def effective in toning the legs and I love how Barre3 incorporates some cardio in every tutorial plus the music just makes you vibe. 

  1. Yogaworks

Best online yoga classes out there. 

Happy movement x x  

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