Simple Remedies Against Water Retention and Cellulite

No need for expensive treatments. Here are some simple remedies to help you fight against that unwanted water retention and cellulite:


Diuretic vegetables help the body get rid of excess fluid. They do so by stimulating the kidneys and increasing the amount of sodium being excreted through the urine. Remember that sodium retains water (which is a good thing for hydration but to a certain extent) and so when diuretic veggies flush away sodium, they also help flush away water.  

Besides helping with water retention, diuretic veggies also make toxin elimination from the body more efficient. This is why you should try to have some diuretic veggies every day, such as fennel, onion, cucumber, lettuce, endives, and asparagus. 


A healthy blood flow is essential to prevent the appearance of cellulite. The good news is that you can boost your blood circulation by simply adding a handful of berries to your breakfast. Berries are also one of the richest sources of antioxidants, essential to fight against free radicals and prevent inflammation (remember that cellulite is an inflammatory condition).   

Aronia berries are the type of berries with the most antioxidants, followed by Alaska wild berries and cranberries. But all the berries remain excellent sources of antioxidants!


Plants and herbs have potent diuretic and draining effects. Here is the recipe for a diuretic tea from Chinese medicine:

·      Dandelion

·      Nettle

·      Anise

·      Restharrow

·      Cleavers (goosegrass) 

Steep 3 tbsp of the mixture in 1L of hot water (about 80C) for 15-20 minutes. Drink it in small sips throughout the day (mainly in the morning).


Walking at any pace increases blood flow throughout the body as leg muscles contract and relax, promoting healthy circulation in stagnant areas. Try to squeeze in a 30-minute walk at least three times a week and move as much as possible by choosing stairs over elevators and walking or biking instead of taking the train or driving around.  


Lifting your legs up the wall for 10-15 minutes a day is one of the simplest remedies to improve circulation with consequent benefits on water retention and cellulite. Besides giving you a restoring and relaxing feeling, it may also help improve digestion and menstrual cycle cramps. 


It may be clear by now that good blood circulation is necessary to prevent and treat cellulite and water retention. Ice-cold showers bring the body to a thermal shock which switches on our “survival mode,” increasing blood flow to warm up the core and vital organs. By increasing blood flow, cold showers also contribute to the health and glow of skin and hair and boost our immune system and mood. Try to add that extra shiver to your morning or night routine; it only takes less than a minute! 


Ozonated oil is oil infused with ozone, a gas made of three oxygen atoms. It enhances the capacity to transport oxygen to the red blood cells, improving circulation of the capillaries and increasing elastin and collagen production. Besides increasing overall tissue oxygenation and circulation, ozonated oil helps tone up the skin. You get the most out of it by applying before exercising. Yes, ozonated oil requires a little investment but is relatively small compared with other treatments in the market!

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