The Four Top Boosting Metabolism Veggies

Unfortunately, there’s no “magic pill” for weight loss, boosting metabolism and burning that extra fat. The truth is that there are so many factors influencing the speed of digestion and the amount of food we store or burn daily (yes, our metabolism works differently every day!). One of these factors is genetics, but what if I told you that genetics plays a minor role compared to diet, lifestyle and environment?

We have the power to boost our metabolism and we can do that by simply eating smarter. Different foods have different effects on all metabolic processes and this is why we should learn to use them functionally.

Let’s take vegetables. They all are good for our health, but not all veggies are alike. Here are the top four metabolism-boosting veggies you should incorporate into your diet.


Arugula is a “must” for the proper functioning of the thyroid and the metabolism.

Raw arugula has a characteristic bitter taste that might not be everyone’s favorite. If this is your case, try it pan-seared with chicory or dandelion for a potent detox side to your dishes or use it as an add-on to scrambled eggs and omelets.


Radicchio has detoxifying, diuretic and tonic properties due to its content of vitamin C, anthocyanins (the blue-purple pigments which act as powerful antioxidants), beta-carotene, and iron. Its characteristic bitterness makes this veggie a metabolism booster and helps with liver detox. Remember, the darker, the richer in nutrients. The best type of radicchio is Treviso radicchio due to its superior nutritional content.


As for radicchio, the characteristic bitterness of endives is functional to metabolism. This veggie has a potent diuretic and draining action, making it ideal for fighting against water retention, such as in the premenstrual phase and after therapy with antibiotics or corticosteroids.

There are different types of endives and each contains different concentrations of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Try to vary as much as possible because variety is key to an active metabolism!


Besides having diuretic properties, fennel enhances digestion and sustains the metabolism of foods with complex chemical structures, such as meats, seafood, and legumes. Fennel also has debloating properties and it helps prevent gastrointestinal gas formation – say hello, flat stomach! Both raw and cooked fennel can be used as a debloating side to all your meals. And try it in the form of veggie sticks with olive oil or guac for a detox and debloating snack.   

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